Computer Tip of the Day: NAS vs. Cloud Storage
computer tip of the day

Modern business is all about storing and sharing data. The cloud is a great solution to keep your business’ data safe and available to employees from anywhere. Some businesses use services offered by 3rd parties like Dropbox or Google Drive while other companies use a NAS or network attached storage.

Let’s review the pros and cons of a NAS and cloud services so you can make the right choice for your business needs.


With a NAS you have complete control and ownership of your data. No corporate giant has anything to do with your data or risking your privacy. A NAS solution is infinitely scalable. This means you can add additional storage at your own terms. With a NAS you have complete control of your data and how it is stored, backed up, retrieved and deleted. This can be daunting as it does get technical and one wrong move can put your data at risk. So it may be best to hire an IT professional.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is hosted offsite. Meaning that no matter what happens to your physical location, your data is untouched. Cloud storage for business can get pricey. Subscription services are available but to increase your storage capacity usually requires paying more money.

Cloud storage is easy. Nearly anyone can create an account and manage permissions and accounts for employees. Your data is relatively safe in the cloud as hosting companies do a great job of backing up data and using redundant storage. Although it rarely happens, cloud storage services are a high value target for hackers and your information could be at risk.

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