Cisco Global Study: Cloud network migration / mobile security key concerns among IT decision-makers
Cloud network migration

The process of ordering new IT services is evolving away from those common methods used in the past, where IT decisions and purchase orders started at the top of the company pyramid.

Today, the shift in planning and control of IT purchases is being driven by departmental needs.

Does HR see a more efficient and secure way, ala Office 365/SharePoint, to store and share employee profiles and information?

What HIPPA compliance measures need to be considered when determine storage and sharing of documents?

If so, their demand may be more urgent than, say, sales; the latter may be okay for the short term using silos of separate info residing on Excel or in Outlook.


Increasingly, those decisions to purchase new platforms are moving from the traditional top-down approach to accommodate requirements from specific ‘lines of business (LOBs),” like sales and R&D, for example; this, according to a recent global study by Cisco Consulting Services that surveyed 4,000 IT decision makers.

The reason for the shift? Mainly, it has to do with the proliferation of mobile devices and the culture of BYOD in the workplace. As such, there is a recognized need for more control in cloud network migration among departments within an organization or business. In fact, 82 percent of those surveyed by Cisco were planning welcoming more such devices, which in turn would call for compliance and security measures.

For example, if an employee is cleared to use his own mobile device, and changes to another device, what is the policy to track and store sensitive info, particularly if the employee lives the company?

Pandora’s box opens wider with each tech advance. Moreover, by the year 2016 the report expects that cloud services will account for about 27% of IT spending.

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