disaster recovery for new york businesses are you prepared for another polar vortex situation

Disaster recovery for New York businesses might seem like an automatic process after dealing with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, then the Polar Vortex last year. But statistics showed that many businesses never recovered from Hurricane Sandy only six months after it occurred. The same applied to the Polar Vortex that reportedly had an astonishing $15 billion loss for the retail industry.

If those businesses might have ultimately survived, the lack of business could have put them in the red, leading to bankruptcy.

Yes, New York has seen enough of natural calamity. And yet, many businesses probably still haven’t set up a plan for disaster recovery. Perhaps you’re one who thinks that because nothing has happened to your business, nothing ever will. This kind of thinking plagued all the businesses affected in the last two disasters with many never reopening as a result.

What things might happen in New York this year that could put you in jeopardy without having a proper disaster recovery plan in place? Here at AE Technology Group, we provide comprehensive IT solutions that can help give you peace of mind when the risk of anything happening is high.

Dealing with Natural Disaster

Defining a natural disaster has widened in recent years with freak weather events happening at the blink of an eye. This could mean an earthquake in a place that hasn’t had one before. It can also mean tornadoes in places where they aren’t overly common.

Any of those could happen in New York, just as much as we occasionally get the tail end of hurricanes. Plus, winter storms are still a given, some perhaps equal or more severe than the Polar Vortex.

All of these disasters can mean power outages that shut down your business possibly for days. Having no power for just one day could cost you thousands of dollars you may never make back. Then, going on for several days, a power outage could bring your business down.

However, with cloud solutions, you can go to another location with Internet and access your business data within hours. By using the cloud, you’re using one of the most important aspects of any disaster recovery plan.

What About Man-Made Disasters?

Let’s not forget the warnings from recent incidents like the Sony Pictures hack that brought down the entire company. Had Sony used proper IT management and a cloud solution, they could have had their main operations back immediately.

With cyber threats like this, it could become more common with businesses in New York and worldwide. Overall, these threats may soon be more serious than anything Mother Nature could ever throw your way.

Contact us here at AE Technology Group in the new year to learn more about our IT services, including a cloud solution, IT management, and IT support. Don’t end up being a new statistic here in New York as another business that had to close unnecessarily.

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