Get IT Support on Long Island

get it support on long island

IT Support on Long Island

Get IT Support on Long Island

Are you tired of paying again and again for IT support whenever you have a technology problem at your business? There is a better way to get IT support on Long Island. AE Technology Group offers managed IT services and IT support in Long Island and New York.

We offer reliable hourly and emergency IT service as well as support that will keep your business running as smoothly as possible each month.

What are the Benefits of IT Support?

IT support is available whenever you need it from AE Technology Group. We know that IT emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. We will do our best to get to your IT emergency as soon as possible. Hourly support is great for companies that don’t have that many technology needs. For businesses with only a few employees and devices, hourly support is a great solution. Only pay for IT services when you need them.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Managed IT service means you pay a flat monthly fee for preventative IT maintenance as well as any problems that come up. It is great for small to medium businesses because you don’t find yourself paying invoice after invoice for each problem that occurs. And the main goal of managed services is to have your systems running so well that you minimize daily problems.

If you have a business on Long Island and need some new IT support, whether that is hourly support or managed IT services, contact us today at AE Technology Group.

Looking for IT Solutions for Your Business?

looking for it solutions for your business

it solutions for businesses

If you are looking for IT solutions for businesses, whether you are unhappy with your current IT support or you are a new business, AE Technology Group in Long Island and New York is here to help. AE Technology group offers managed IT services as well as traditional IT support.

If you are asking—what is the difference?—let us explain

Managed IT services puts AE Technology Group on your team. Instead of just putting out fires, we do preventative maintenance, make sure you have all the up-to-date software on all of your devices, and have 24/7 monitoring of all your critical systems so we can get on it right away if there is a problem. Hardware or software issues—we have them all covered. The thing our customers love the most about managed IT services is that there are no surprise fees. No matter what troubles you encounter, we aren’t going to tack more fees onto your monthly rate.

Our tradition IT support is more like on-call care. When you have a problem, we can come take care of it for you. You pay for each service as you go. AE Technology Group offers technical and help desk support, software training and support, and hardware installation and configuration.

AE Technology Group’s services don’t stop there however. If your business needs help with backup and recovery, online marketing, VoIP phone systems, hardware as a service, or cloud computing, we can help.

For more information on how AE Technology Group can help your Long Island or New York business, contact us today for more information.

Business IT Consulting in New York: Finding the Knowledge You Need to Prevent Disasters

business it consulting in new york finding the knowledge you need to prevent disasters

Business IT consulting is a choice that many businesses turn to now, perhaps mostly because they can’t afford to keep an in-house team on the payroll. But if many businesses take on consultants for sake of saving money (something that’s guaranteed), those businesses may not initially know how many more advantages they have beyond the financial aspect. Far too many businesspeople don’t really realize how much in danger they are now if they haven’t already taken precautions on technical and human-caused disasters.

Yes, the world of business disasters is extremely vast now and always right near the edge for those complacent. It’s possible that you’ve avoided taking proper precautions simply because nothing has had happened to you before.

This sense of complacency is a risky game in the world today when your business relies on technology and the online world to stay profitable. It’s become a true minefield out there with the news of brazen hacks and more complex technical issues as technology evolves. Ultimately, you need a crew that knows what’s really going on out there.

In the world of IT consultants, there aren’t technicians working for just one company. They’ve been out in the field dealing with every possible issue and knowing what works and what doesn’t in solving problems. As it’s always said, when you live in the world, you know reality. A lot of people think our own government should take such a hint, among others who think they know the world as it is.

True knowledge is the key to a sharp IT team and not one that’s worked for the same company going back years. If an IT team works for only one company going back years, they won’t possibly know what others are dealing with lately, even if taking time to upgrade skills.

Here at AE Technology Group, our team of IT consultants have helped many New York businesses with the latest solutions to every IT problem. They know about the latest viruses and other threats, including the proper methods to prevent these issues in the first place. They also know about the latest technology available so you have the best tools to keep your business running efficiently.

Contact us to find out more about what we do and how our consultants and managed IT team will safeguard your company 24/7.

Using IT Outsourcing in New York When You Need a Project Done on Weekends

using it outsourcing in new york when you need a project done on weekends

IT outsourcing is a popular option for companies now thanks to consultants having superior knowledge about the latest IT issues and technology. It’s no different here at AE Technology Group, where our team of IT consultants give you the best solutions for your company.

We do this through the act of prevention, but we’re also there to provide solutions, including using the cloud for disaster recovery, plus management of your network and other devices.

What happens, though, when you have a project that needs saving in the cloud on a weekend? If you currently rely on your own IT team, most likely they don’t work the weekends, causing a dilemma other than paying them for overtime. While that sometimes works, you may need a team who’s always there, 24/7. When you have decent IT management and consultants working for you, they’re always there to help you through any issue or project underway.

We understand when a project needs finishing during deadlines, and it may mean 11th hour work on a Saturday or Sunday. Rather than paying extra for your IT team to work overtime, our team is there to migrate your project to the cloud.

This brings a level of efficiency you won’t always find in all IT consultants. Even better, we work in the background so your employees won’t know we’re there. The last thing you want is any chance of disruptions while doing a cloud conversion.

The same is true of our management solutions for your network and desktops. We work silently in the background while preventing issues and helping your company work more efficiently. With our IT management working behind the scenes, we’ll also provide tools necessary for scalability when you start feeling growing pains.

Contact us here at AE Technology Group to find out more about our IT solutions. Don’t let your vital project go by the wayside when a deadline approaches on a weekend.

Disaster Recovery for New York Businesses: Are You Prepared for Another Polar Vortex Situation?

disaster recovery for new york businesses are you prepared for another polar vortex situation

Disaster recovery for New York businesses might seem like an automatic process after dealing with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, then the Polar Vortex last year. But statistics showed that many businesses never recovered from Hurricane Sandy only six months after it occurred. The same applied to the Polar Vortex that reportedly had an astonishing $15 billion loss for the retail industry.

If those businesses might have ultimately survived, the lack of business could have put them in the red, leading to bankruptcy.

Yes, New York has seen enough of natural calamity. And yet, many businesses probably still haven’t set up a plan for disaster recovery. Perhaps you’re one who thinks that because nothing has happened to your business, nothing ever will. This kind of thinking plagued all the businesses affected in the last two disasters with many never reopening as a result.

What things might happen in New York this year that could put you in jeopardy without having a proper disaster recovery plan in place? Here at AE Technology Group, we provide comprehensive IT solutions that can help give you peace of mind when the risk of anything happening is high.

Dealing with Natural Disaster

Defining a natural disaster has widened in recent years with freak weather events happening at the blink of an eye. This could mean an earthquake in a place that hasn’t had one before. It can also mean tornadoes in places where they aren’t overly common.

Any of those could happen in New York, just as much as we occasionally get the tail end of hurricanes. Plus, winter storms are still a given, some perhaps equal or more severe than the Polar Vortex.

All of these disasters can mean power outages that shut down your business possibly for days. Having no power for just one day could cost you thousands of dollars you may never make back. Then, going on for several days, a power outage could bring your business down.

However, with cloud solutions, you can go to another location with Internet and access your business data within hours. By using the cloud, you’re using one of the most important aspects of any disaster recovery plan.

What About Man-Made Disasters?

Let’s not forget the warnings from recent incidents like the Sony Pictures hack that brought down the entire company. Had Sony used proper IT management and a cloud solution, they could have had their main operations back immediately.

With cyber threats like this, it could become more common with businesses in New York and worldwide. Overall, these threats may soon be more serious than anything Mother Nature could ever throw your way.

Contact us here at AE Technology Group in the new year to learn more about our IT services, including a cloud solution, IT management, and IT support. Don’t end up being a new statistic here in New York as another business that had to close unnecessarily.