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Get IT Support on Long Island

it support on long island

Get IT Support on Long Island Are you tired of paying again and again for IT support whenever you have a technology problem at your business? There is a better way to get IT support on Long Island. AE Technology Group offers managed IT services and IT support in Long Island and New York. We offer reliable hourly and emergency IT

Looking for IT Solutions for Your Business?

it solutions for businesses

If you are looking for IT solutions for businesses, whether you are unhappy with your current IT support or you are a new business, AE Technology Group in Long Island and New York is here to help. AE Technology group offers managed IT services as well as traditional IT support. If you are asking—what is the difference?—let us explain Managed IT

Business IT Consulting in New York: Finding the Knowledge You Need to Prevent Disasters

Business IT Consulting in New York

Business IT consulting is a choice that many businesses turn to now, perhaps mostly because they can’t afford to keep an in-house team on the payroll. But if many businesses take on consultants for sake of saving money (something that’s guaranteed), those businesses may not initially know how many more advantages they have beyond the financial aspect. Far too many

Using IT Outsourcing in New York When You Need a Project Done on Weekends

IT outsourcing is a popular option for companies now thanks to consultants having superior knowledge about the latest IT issues and technology. It’s no different here at AE Technology Group, where our team of IT consultants give you the best solutions for your company. We do this through the act of prevention, but we’re also there to provide solutions, including

Disaster Recovery for New York Businesses: Are You Prepared for Another Polar Vortex Situation?

Disaster recovery for New York businesses might seem like an automatic process after dealing with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, then the Polar Vortex last year. But statistics showed that many businesses never recovered from Hurricane Sandy only six months after it occurred. The same applied to the Polar Vortex that reportedly had an astonishing $15 billion loss for the retail industry.

Cloud computing in New York City and on Long Island New York

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In the news: Long Island, New York Food Distributor Praises AE Technology Group for Network Cloud Migration in Case Study by CAPSYS Technologies, LLC

Food Authority thanks local managed IT and cloud solutions provider in Rockville Centre, New York for moving their IT network to the cloud. AE Technology Group’s utilization of CAPSYS Technologies‘ Cloud Services kept Food Authority operational during and after the Hurricane Sandy disaster. Read press release:

Business Tech and Network Support in New York


We fully understand how a small or medium sized business can find it difficult to deploy, maintain and protect their technology. We are your best bet when it comes to business computer network support in Long Island, New York. Why, because here at AE Technology Group our number one goal is to provide your business with reliable computer network support

What is the best option for business phones telephones for my New York based business?

VoIP, or Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), is an Internet-based phone system that can increase your business’ flexibility and productivity while saving you money. Because it’s Internet-based, VoIP offers features not available with traditional business phone systems and with fixed rates, can save you thousands of dollars on long-distance and international calls. AE Technology Group’s Voice-over-IP team will work closely with your company

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