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The Covid-19 pandemic has had lasting effects on all of our lives. With the increasing number of remote and hybrid workers compared to before the pandemic, many employers believe that they need to monitor their employees to keep them productive closely. Some organizations invest in software programs that enable the surveillance of employees while working from home. Research suggests that investing in these monitoring solutions may have the opposite effect. Besides being a privacy concern, monitoring workers can result in tension and resentment in the workplace. 

The adverse effects of employee monitoring

The surveillance of employees can significantly lower employee morale. Many people may feel hurt or offended that upper management does not trust them, leading to increased turnover rates. At times, too much control in monitoring can be dangerous. Personal information, such as bank accounts, medical health records, or private emails can be accidentally seen. Employees may feel that their privacy is being invaded. If the company’s software or system is hacked, this information can be leaked to others.

The positive effects of employee monitoring

The advantages of employee surveillance include increased productivity and workflow and cost-effective solutions. The research found that employees work better when they know they’re being monitored as they are more conscious of their actions while at work. Team performance has also been shown to improve as the strengths and weaknesses of each member are identified, and you can delegate employees to complete work tasks that they can be successful in. By implementing surveillance software, employers are more than likely to “get their money’s worth” while paying employees since employees will be paid for the time they are being productive. Employee monitoring software does not have to be expensive. It ranges from about $20 to $150 per user per year. The price depends on the number of features and licenses that are needed for the organization.

Is employee surveillance necessary?

It is essential to think about employee monitoring and how it can improve your organization’s needs. Many times, it is not necessary until problematic behaviors occur. Having a surveillance system can cause adverse effects within the company. Therefore, it should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Why monitor employees?

If you begin monitoring employees in the hopes of catching them in the act of doing things they should not be doing, such as wasting time, you are using employee surveillance for all the wrong reasons. Employee surveillance is used to measure productivity, but it can also be used to keep your company’s information secure. Monitoring employees can help detect suspicious activity like if personal information is being shared with outside sources or if private documents are being viewed. 

How can you effectively monitor employees?

As previously stated, employee monitoring software comes with various features. One feature is website tracking that can provide employers with employees’ web browser history and online activity. Application monitoring can track employees’ activity on various applications and software. Social media tracking can identify the amount of time people spend on various social media platforms and messages that were sent via social media. Email tracking is used to retrieve emails that were sent, received, or deleted. Keylogging software can keep track of what employees are typing.

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