using it outsourcing in new york when you need a project done on weekends

IT outsourcing is a popular option for companies now thanks to consultants having superior knowledge about the latest IT issues and technology. It’s no different here at AE Technology Group, where our team of IT consultants give you the best solutions for your company.

We do this through the act of prevention, but we’re also there to provide solutions, including using the cloud for disaster recovery, plus management of your network and other devices.

What happens, though, when you have a project that needs saving in the cloud on a weekend? If you currently rely on your own IT team, most likely they don’t work the weekends, causing a dilemma other than paying them for overtime. While that sometimes works, you may need a team who’s always there, 24/7. When you have decent IT management and consultants working for you, they’re always there to help you through any issue or project underway.

We understand when a project needs finishing during deadlines, and it may mean 11th hour work on a Saturday or Sunday. Rather than paying extra for your IT team to work overtime, our team is there to migrate your project to the cloud.

This brings a level of efficiency you won’t always find in all IT consultants. Even better, we work in the background so your employees won’t know we’re there. The last thing you want is any chance of disruptions while doing a cloud conversion.

The same is true of our management solutions for your network and desktops. We work silently in the background while preventing issues and helping your company work more efficiently. With our IT management working behind the scenes, we’ll also provide tools necessary for scalability when you start feeling growing pains.

Contact us here at AE Technology Group to find out more about our IT solutions. Don’t let your vital project go by the wayside when a deadline approaches on a weekend.

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