two new windows 10 views that you ll love

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If you’re still not convinced if you should upgrade your computers to Windows 10, check out two of its new view features to sway your opinion.

Revamped Start Menu

Microsoft’s been indecisive about the Start Menu, relying it for many years, then making it go away with Windows 8, and then bringing it back in Windows 8.1. The latest version of this useful tool combines what the manufacturer’s learned from customer complaints and suggestions. The Start menu appears as an icon in its expected place, on the lower left of the screen. Click it, and you’ll discover a list of your most frequently used apps on the left as well as the live tiles of Windows 8 on the right. Frustratingly, you can’t control what appears on the left but you can drag and drop apps to appear as tiles on the right.

Task View

You probably set up your desktop one way when writing reports, such as by putting a Word document on the right, a browser on the left to confirm facts, and perhaps a thesaurus somewhere on the screen to look up synonyms. When you do accounting, a spreadsheet may appear on the right, a calculator on the left bottom, and a banking website on the left top. Different work tasks demand different apps and screen arrangements.

Task View avoids all this laborious opening and rearranging of applications and files. Just arrange your screen once, click the “Task View” button on the Task bar, and Windows 10 memorizes that virtual desktop. You can set up as many different screens as you want. When you want one on the main screen, click the “Task View” button again and all your virtual desktops display as smaller icons. Choose one and it becomes your main desktop.

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