Outsourced Computer Support for Your Business – Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Did you know that computer downtime costs US businesses approximately $26.5 billion annually? Also, companies that have a network down for more than ten days never completely recoup the financial loss to their businesses. These statistics demonstrate just how vital it is for your business to have an adequate IT disaster recovery plan in place.

Outsourced computer support for your business can help you design one. To create a solid plan (or improve an existing one) these questions should be asked:

  • Does my current plan (if one exists) provide enough protection?
  • How long can my company afford to have its system(s) down?
  • How much data can my company afford to lose?
  • What are the critical servers, applications, and related software?
  • What is the availability of my company’s IT personnel if disaster strikes? With respect to outsourced computer support, how fast can their personnel be on my company’s premises?


A recovery procedure is only as good as its performance when tested. If you don’t test it, you don’t even know if it works. Don’t fall back on excuses – insufficient time, workflow disruption, no allocation of funds in the budget, etc. You don’t want to wait until your system crashes to discover the glitches in your plan.

A test of your system will give you the following important information:

  • The length of time the recovery took.
  • What data presented a challenge to recover.
  • Which applications did not return to the expected state.
  • The ability of your IT personnel to handle the recovery.

Assistance is at Hand

If creating and testing a plan seems somewhat daunting, you don’t have to do it alone. We can create and test an optimum backup and recovery plan for you. Take advantage of our expertise and your downtime will be minimal.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

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