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Microsoft SharePoint is still the most used platform for intranets, portals, and digital collaboration. There are challenges and limited updates, but that hasn’t done much to alter the success rate of SharePoint. Microsoft has made some changes to the collaborative platform, but knowing what they are won’t explain how it will help business.

Here are three things that should be known:


When using products, ease of use is a huge part of what makes it successful. Microsoft has made great changes to improve the user-friendliness of SharePoint. One new feature, the App Launcher, is an extension that allows you to access Microsoft owned applications, like OneDrive for Business, as well as navigation between on-premises and the cloud. The App Launcher also allows the addition of favorite sites for ready access. Other features include support for increased file sizes, removal of character stipulations of file names, images and videos are more easily viewed, and folder creation. Of course, these are just a few changes to the interface.


Finding documents after adding them to SharePoint is an essential feature to any document sharing product. Utilizing SharePoint for business allows members of that network to add, view, share, and download documents. Like a large filing cabinet, it needs some kind of organizational tool to assist with locating a file quickly and efficiently. The search engine can be used to pinpoint files with certain keywords as well as the title.

Hybrid with Office 365

SharePoint can be used in conjunction with Office 365. Many features require that both applications are functioning in order for them to work properly. OneDrive redirection allows you to use the Office 365 subscription to be redirected to the online version of the application and no longer On-Premises. Sites can be saved via Office 365 and On-Premises to the App Launcher; searching is unified — meaning that searching for one document will allow it to be located either in Office 365 or On-Premises SharePoint.

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