How to Use Cloud Printing

how to use cloud printing
The Cloud is a popular buzzword nowadays, that refers to services that can be hosted entirely on the internet. There is cloud hosting, cloud backups, cloud email…and now cloud printing. In this article, we will explain not only what cloud printing is, but how to cloud print.

What is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing is a service that allows you to print to your home or office printers from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. All you need is a cloud printing application, and an internet-accessible printer, and you can take your business on the road!

How Do I Use Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing is both easy and convenient. Here is a simple guide to using this new technology.

First, you need to choose a cloud printing provider. Be sure to choose one that offers you the products and support that you need – the best value is in cloud computing services that package cloud printing with other cloud solutions. AE Technology Group offers extensive cloud computing solutions, including cloud printing.

You will then need to download your provider’s cloud printing app. This is the software you will use to connect your PC, laptop or tablet to your printer online.

Once your cloud printing application is installed, you need to configure it to work with your printer. Any printer that connects to the internet will be able to cloud print, but there are also specialty printers that come enabled with cloud printing capabilities. These printers don’t require any additional setup in order to connect them to your cloud printing service. Many of the top printer manufacturers, such as HP, Epson and Brother, now make cloud-ready printers.

Once your printer is configured for cloud printing, you can use that printer from anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet access, you have access to your cloud printer. You can also share your printer with any other device that has the cloud printing app installed. Simply print your file as usual, selecting your cloud printing device as default.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Nothing! The purpose of cloud printing is to make your life more convenient, and your business more efficient.

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The 5 Most Important Benefits of Zarafa Email

what are the financial benefits of a hosted email solution

zarafa emailYour business relies on email more than you might think. Email is great for internal and external communication, but it can also be a black hole in terms of time management. Zarafa email is a great platform for businesses that want to keep things simple and manage their inboxes efficiently. Here are five benefits of using Zarafa:


Functionality is the most important thing when it comes to email clients. Zarafa is lightweight and fast so your employees won’t have to spend 5 minutes just to open a new email.

Easy transition

Migrating to cloud solutions can be tricky at times, but Zarafa makes the transition easy. Moreover, the interface is so similar to Microsoft Outlook that there’s no real learning curve. Your employees will learn how to use it intuitively.


Scalability is an important factor of anything IT-related. Even if your business doesn’t need something today, that doesn’t mean that you won’t in a few months. Zarafa is scalable, so it will be able to handle increases in usage and data.

Add-on features

There’s plenty of room for customization with Zarafa. There’s a long list for add-ons that you can use to manage your inbox better. You can add these or remove them whenever you’d like.


And finally, one of the most important benefits of Zarafa is one of the simplest: stability. Your business can’t rely on an email platform that crashes regularly. More than anything else, you need a stable client that works the same day in and day out.

Switching to a new email client is a big decision. If you’re looking for an email client that’s fast, reliable, and easy to migrate to, then you should consider using Zarafa.

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4 Benefits of Custom CRM Solutions

4 benefits of custom crm solutions 2

custom CRM solutionsCustom CRM solutions are geared towards increasing business productivity. With marketing technologies, you can take control over the customer lifecycle and increase your customer loyalty. Here are four benefits of using custom CRM solutions.

Increase customer engagement

CRM solutions provide sales representatives with more tools to do their job. Rather than relying on their memory and intuition when speaking with clients, they can refer back to their file.

The more data the software collects, the more you learn about individual clients. Your sales representatives can then use this information to increase customer engagement.

Establish customer loyalty

An important aspect of CRM solutions is alerting users when a customer returns. Since he’s now worth more to your business as a repeat customer, it’s up to you to establish customer loyalty.

You can do this by calling him personally, sending him an email, or even meeting him in person. The main thing is that you know you have to up your efforts to take advantage of the opportunity.

Improve communication between sales representatives and other departments

All departments are encouraged to use and refer back to CRM data. We’ve already said that sales representatives can use the information to increase sales, but marketers and customer service reps can also benefit from it. CRM solutions are most effective when used by the entire business.

Learn more about your target audience

And finally, CRM solutions can help you pinpoint the wants, likes, preferences, and habits or your target audience. You can detect certain patterns in their behavior and try to incorporate that aspect in your sales process.

Your marketing team can also use this information to create a more targeted campaign. The more you know about your target audience, the better you’ll be able to appeal to their needs.

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How to Backup Data to the Cloud

how to backup data to the cloud
cloud backup

We’ve heard a bit of confusion concerning how to back data up to the cloud. In this blog we’ll walk you through the process to show you how simple it really is.

First, you’ll need:

  • A set of data
  • Cloud storage
  • A willingness to take the next step

That’s really all it takes to backup data to the cloud. If you’ve already covered all the prerequisites, then we’ll move onto the first step:

Create a Plan

It’s possible, yet unwise to just start backing data up to the cloud without having a clear plan. We strongly recommend against it.

When you create your plan, you need to discuss various topics, such as:

  • How much cloud storage you need
  • What data you’ll back up to the cloud
  • Who will be able to access the data in your cloud
  • Where your data will be stored (with reference to a data center)

Do you see why you need a plan now? If you just randomly back data up, you’ll have to deal with these issues when you’re not ready for them.

Organize Your Data

After you create a plan, you need to organize your data. The reason for this is that you need a way to find information in your cloud easily. If all your files are scattered, then presentations will be mixed with videos and income statement spreadsheets will be mixed with digital brand designs, etc. You can avoid this mess by organizing your data first.

Back Your Data Up

Now comes the fun part. After you’ve created a plan and organized your data, you can back it up to the cloud.

Don’t be worried if you find this to be the easiest step. Assuming you prepared your data properly, backing it up is relatively easy. Just follow the directions provided by your cloud provider.

Set Up a Backup Schedule

Unfortunately, you can’t just stop there. It wouldn’t make sense to back your data up and never do it again — unless you just want to have old data in your cloud.

The good news is that you can set up a backup schedule so you don’t have to do everything all over again. Automatic backups ensure that your data is always up-to-date in case you need to restore it.

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Using IT Outsourcing in New York When You Need a Project Done on Weekends

using it outsourcing in new york when you need a project done on weekends

IT outsourcing is a popular option for companies now thanks to consultants having superior knowledge about the latest IT issues and technology. It’s no different here at AE Technology Group, where our team of IT consultants give you the best solutions for your company.

We do this through the act of prevention, but we’re also there to provide solutions, including using the cloud for disaster recovery, plus management of your network and other devices.

What happens, though, when you have a project that needs saving in the cloud on a weekend? If you currently rely on your own IT team, most likely they don’t work the weekends, causing a dilemma other than paying them for overtime. While that sometimes works, you may need a team who’s always there, 24/7. When you have decent IT management and consultants working for you, they’re always there to help you through any issue or project underway.

We understand when a project needs finishing during deadlines, and it may mean 11th hour work on a Saturday or Sunday. Rather than paying extra for your IT team to work overtime, our team is there to migrate your project to the cloud.

This brings a level of efficiency you won’t always find in all IT consultants. Even better, we work in the background so your employees won’t know we’re there. The last thing you want is any chance of disruptions while doing a cloud conversion.

The same is true of our management solutions for your network and desktops. We work silently in the background while preventing issues and helping your company work more efficiently. With our IT management working behind the scenes, we’ll also provide tools necessary for scalability when you start feeling growing pains.

Contact us here at AE Technology Group to find out more about our IT solutions. Don’t let your vital project go by the wayside when a deadline approaches on a weekend.