Cisco Global Study: Cloud network migration / mobile security key concerns among IT decision-makers

The process of ordering new IT services is evolving away from those common methods used in the past, where IT decisions and purchase orders started at the top of the company pyramid. Today, the shift in planning and control of IT purchases is being driven by departmental needs. Does HR see a more efficient and secure way, ala Office 365/SharePoint, to store and share employee profiles and information? What HIPPA

IT Network Support Why the Options Have Never Been Better for Small Medium Business (SMB)

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It is very difficult in the modern age to understand how dominant the Microsoft Windows brand once was at every level of business. Though Microsoft is still going on strong, it is diversifying its offerings as it must compete with many other tech vendors. This is very different from the 90s and most of the 00s; Microsoft Office mainstays such as Exchange/Outlook as well as varieties of Windows Server (including

Migrating to a Cloud Network: 10 Reasons to Go Paperless

Managing a business looks much different now than it did a decade ago. As the world becomes increasingly more digital every day, businesses must adapt in order to stay relevant to its employees and customers. One way to leverage the potential of technology is to migrate your business to a cloud network. This is a dramatic shift away from how business used to be done, but its benefits are many.

Business Tech and Network Support in New York


We fully understand how a small or medium sized business can find it difficult to deploy, maintain and protect their technology. We are your best bet when it comes to business computer network support in Long Island, New York. Why, because here at AE Technology Group our number one goal is to provide your business with reliable computer network support services. Whatever the size of your budget we have IT