disaster recovery colocation
disaster recovery colocation

If a sudden disaster left your business inoperable, a good option would be disaster recovery colocation. This method involves the migration of your data center operations to a colocation service provider.

Some of the Benefits

Remote Location: Moving your network, data storage, servers and other equipment to a remote location allows you to reduce overhead and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Control: Your data center is in a different location, but you still have control over hardware, software and most of the communications.

Monitoring and Management: You get 24/7 monitoring and management of your most critical systems.

Scalability: You only pay for what you use and have access to as little or as much storage space you need.

Data Protection and Security: A colocation facility is hardened against forced entry, unauthorized access, fire and disasters.

Power Capacity: Colocation facilities give you access to a more robust power-per-square foot ratio than most private data centers.

Downtime Can Cost Your Company Money

It is not sufficient to just have data recovery files at your facility if your office is damaged or destroyed. With copies securely off-site, your business can access information anyway. A good data backup and recovery service can provide complete data disaster recovery and business continuity programs. Their dedicated and well-trained staff can protect your information from loss due to theft, system failures, hackers and disasters. They can work with you to find the best solution available. If you are dealing with a disaster now, try their Emergency IT Support which is a completely free service.

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