Should You Consider Outsourcing IT Services?

should you consider outsourcing it services

The cost of developing and maintaining an IT department may cause some business owners to undermine the necessity of making such an investment.

You need to understand that IT is part of the vital support services of your firm and accessing the same is not an option. It is a relief for most business owners when they discover that maintaining an in-house IT department is not mandatory thanks to the outsourcing option.

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing IT services can be the turning point that shifts your business in the right direction.

It Boosts The Morale of Employees

The idea of inviting someone from without to offer particular services without proper communication is not welcome among staff working in most companies because it creates a sense of insecurity. As you outsource IT services the understanding among your employees should be that you are delegating non-core functions to an external vendor so that staff can focus on the core activities of your firm.

When your employees discover that you are prioritizing their responsibilities over the IT services you choose to outsource, their morale and output will be on the rise.

Saving on Cost

When you opt to outsource IT services for your firm, the bottom line is that you will reduce cost and in most cases, this is a priority for anyone seeking such services. Some of the expenses you will avoid by opting for an IT services vendor include the cost of hardware, maintaining professionals, establishing a data center, and training your staff.

Providers of IT services buy internet in bulk, which implies that they can pass the savings they realize to their customers, and that will reduce your expenditures as well.

Risk Reduction and Enhanced Flexibility

Internet infrastructures are prone to malware, and if you do not know how to protect your IT installations from attackers, your company may suffer severe losses. Outsourcing IT services reduces the risk of internet scams because the vendor provides and updates the necessary defenses to protect your data.

IT service providers can also promote flexibility by scaling the IT requirements of your company up or down, which makes outsourcing a noble idea. If you need more information on reasons for outsourcing IT services, contact us today!

Benefits of Managed IT Services for New York Businesses

benefits of managed it services for new york businesses

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Keeping your business up to the fast pace of technological advancement these days can get quite hectic, especially in an already fast-paced location like New York.

We here at the AE Technology Group are here to help you stay in top technological shape with our Managed IT Services, freeing your resources up to focus on what matters to you: your business.

As your Managed IT Services provider, we are here 24/7 for all of your technological needs. You won’t have to worry about when and whether support for your users is available: it is.

You can rest easy knowing your most important systems and functions are being taken care of. Our team of specialists is supporting your critically important systems not only when problems arise but before as well.

The resources necessary to properly train and hire an IT staff to manage every facet of your business can be overwhelming. With our managed services, the time and monetary expenses of getting a large IT staff together can both be reduced heavily.

Our professionals are equipped to handle whatever technological needs you have, and our flat monthly rates bear no surprise fees, so you always know what your costs will be. Free up your money and your manpower both via our services.

With the comfort of around the clock support and freed resources on your side, your business will operate at higher levels of performance and productivity. We’re here to help you keep your focus where it belongs: on growing your business.

Contact us today to learn how.

IT Support: How a Conflict of Interest Affects IT Expenses

it support how a conflict of interest affects it expenses


IT support teams understand the technology

There’s often a conflict of interest when it comes to IT-related purchases. In the end, it all comes down to who’s making the decision and what he or she values to be the most important. Sometimes this isn’t the best option for the entire company.

IT spending should be left to IT teams. They understand the technology best and know exactly what the business needs to upgrade in. Their decisions should be verified by the accounting team, of course. It’s a system of checks and balances that keeps expenses under control.

In some companies, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is in charge of IT spending. This is presumably because they want to decide which marketing software the company uses. A recent CIO article explains how this scenario can lead to a spending catastrophe:

“When CMOs take control of IT spending, then they may well move fast and break something. With budgetary responsibility comes the responsibility for things like security, scalability and performance. The first time the systems go crashing down because they can’t scale sufficiently, or for whatever reason, the CMO is going to have to go looking for help from the CIO.”

If your business doesn’t have an IT team, don’t just put a random person in charge of IT expenses. Chances are they don’t know the equipment well enough to make a prudent financial decision.

If you need advice or consultation, consider getting in touch with an IT support team. They understand the technology and can tell your business what needs to be upgraded and what you should buy. If you already outsource your IT support, then make sure you contact them before making any major technology purchases. All of this is in the best interest of your business.

If you’d like to talk more about this or anything else, contact us. Thanks.

Take Advantage of Managed Services by AE Technology Group

how it support can help your business

What are Some of Managed Services Advantages?

With managed services from AE Technology Group, you can strategically improve operations and cut expenses for your business, by outsourcing the day-to-day oversight of technical support, cloud computing, VoIP phone systems, and disaster recovery. These aspects of your business will be handled efficiently and professionally, while you are left to focus on other responsibilities.

Technical Support (IT)

Our team of remote technicians will be available to support you at all times. That’s right, 24/7/365. Whether it’s mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products, or any other technology, and no matter if you’re working late into the night or arriving early in those wee hours of the morning, help is just a phone call away. Reliability is the standard for our computer network support services.

Cloud Computing

The days of accommodating your own data center, using up valuable energy, space, man-power, and capital, all for a single app, are soon to be long gone. With cloud computing managed by AE Technology, your business can utilize a shared data center and be connected within a few days or weeks. It works similarly to a utility service, allowing you to easily plug in and get started. You can log in and use many apps, including custom ones, without purchasing any hardware or software. Instead of purchases, there will be a monthly subscription fee, and you’ll pay for no more or less than what you need.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP allows your business to use its existing IP (internet) network for real-time voice communication with the same quality of service as a conventional phone line. This technology makes wide-ranging, including international, business communications more cost effective and easier to scale. Don’t let communication costs be a barrier against the growth of your business. Stay connected without breaking the bank with the help of AE Technology Group.

Diaster Recovery

Our monthly service packages are two-fold. With data backup protection, your data is secured against hacking, theft, and system failure. With automatic off-site backup, copies of your backup files are stored at a secure facility, to be regained in the extreme event that the physical location of your business is rendered unsalvageable following a disaster. This kind of foresight can truly turn an emergency into an inconvenience, allowing your business to function in spite of unfortunate circumstances.

For more information, visit our managed sevices page, here.

If you are seeking to streamline your business and maximize sales, contact us to discuss the managed services from which your business can profit.