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Why Use Lync?

Why use lync?Microsoft Lync has recently released updates to their program that make it an even better option for your business.

Microsoft Lync is a unified communication platform. It allows you to combine your instant messaging, video conferencing and meetings and telephone calls all in one platform. This revolutionary technology can help you streamline your business communications.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider Microsoft Lync for your business:

1. High Quality Video Conferencing

Microsoft Lync allows you to hold high quality video conferences. Lync meeting allows you to see while you are video conferencing 5 different simultaneous live video streams all in HD. In addition, you will be able to share PowerPoint, applications, and screen shots in your video conference. This will allow a feeling of engagement in your video conference calls that can top real world meetings.

2. Lync – Skype Connectivity 

When you need to make a phone call or video call with a Skype contact, you do not need to switch out of Microsoft LyncMicrosoft Lync allows users to upload their Skype contacts into their Lync account. You will be able to send instant messages and have voice conversations with your Skype contacts all within the comfort of your new Microsoft Lync account. In addition, you can set up your personal status on your account settings to options such as – Available, Busy, Offline, and Away- and you will be able to see your contacts’ status as well. You will be able to combine your current Skype usage with your new Lync application.

3. Versatility 

You can use Microsoft Lync on any mobile device or computer that you like. Lync works on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac and Android smart phones. No matter if your office uses Windows, iOS, or battles it out between the two, Microsoft Lync will work on either computer system. And no matter if everyone in your office all uses the same smart phone or everyone has different smart phones, Microsoft Lync will work on them all. Lync will streamline communication in your office and for your clients with its consistent and familiar layout on all digital platforms.

4. Unity 

Microsoft Lync will allow your business to streamline communication operations. You will no longer need multiple applications for instant messaging, video calls and video conferences. Now all of these can happen in one place. This will help simplify operations, training and IT support for your business.

5. Did We Mention the HD Video?

Don’t forget that you will be able to enjoy HD video with Microsoft Lync. Lync uses H.264 SVC and open standards. That means you are guaranteed a high quality video experience no matter what device you are operating Microsoft Lync on and viewing the video on.

Microsoft LyncYou should consider Microsoft Lync for your communication needs. It provides high quality video conferences, Lync – Skype connectivity, versatility, unity and awesome HD video for your business. To learn more about how Microsoft Lync can help your business, please contact us. At AE Technology Group, we strive to provide the best service to our customers and are available to help your business thrive.

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