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Outsourced IT New York

For years, small to medium sized businesses thought of IT management as something that only large corporations needed. However, increasingly, smaller companies are starting to realize why professional IT management is something that every business needs. In fact, in today’s technological climate, you could suffer great financial losses if you go without IT management.

Modern Business Needs IT for Communication

If your business is like most, it is more than just a few desktop computers in an office. You likely have several printers, faxes and other devices. In addition, many of your staff members use laptops, tablets and smartphones to do their work; or just to complete small tasks. It is important for all of these devices to communicate. In addition, many businesses are taking file storage; customer service management and other tasks like HR managment to the cloud. When you have a New York outsourced IT company monitor every part of your networking, (from your hardware to the cloud), this also helps to improve productivity for your workers and increase network security.

Modern Business Needs IT to Avoid Downtime

Most mechanical things do have an issue or two from time to time. However, most would consider it a nightmare to have seven computers down at a small outdoor clothing catalog office for three hours on a Saturday afternoon. You can lose a great deal of sales when you experience even just 30 minutes to one hour of business down time.

In addition, why just call in one IT guy every time something goes wrong? Why opt for a temporary fix for a possibly larger problem?

Lastly, backup is essential. A good IT department will help you to select the right sized backup for your business. An out of the box solution might not be the most secure for your business model; or the simplest one for your staff to use.

More Affordable Than You Think

One of the main things that keeps small to medium sized businesses from hiring an outsourced IT staff is that owners and managers are worried about cost. However, AE Technology Group offers 24/7 monitoring at a monthly flat rate that you agree to up front. There are no additional fees. In addition, it’s much cheaper to pay for preventive maintenance than it is to pay for data recovery. In some instances, you might not even be able to recover your lost data; so the cost of that is often immeasurable. Contact us to learn more!

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