How Outsourced Computer Support Will Aid Your Small Business

how outsourced computer support will aid your small business

The situation: You have developed a concept for a business product or service that you feel is certain to sell. You have done your homework and created a business plan that rocked your banker’s world. Your financing is in place, your production is in good shape, and you are ready for prime time. You realize that your business will benefit from a strong presence on the internet and on social media, and you have worked hard to figure your way around a mouse and keyboard.

But as you really consider your technology needs for a successful small-sized business, you realize that you are ill-prepared to meet that need. Panic sets in. Now what?

The solution is simpler than you might think. Consider the option of outsourced computer support for your business. What is involved? Simply put, outsourcing your computer support allows you to focus on what you do best while letting IT experts handle all the technology stuff you have never even heard of.

With this solution, as your business takes off and profits come in, systems roll efficiently along. Your email accounts stay safe, your firewalls remain intact, your data is uncorrupted, and your hardware is running smoothly.

And all of this can be accomplished without having to spend valuable time researching the difference between malware, adware, phishing, and botnets. What could be better than such an easy, economical solution to a thorny problem? Contact us, and we will concentrate on supplying your business technology needs while you concentrate on making your business a success.

4 Services Included with Outsourced Computer Support for Businesses

4 services included with outsourced computer support for businesses

outsourced computer support for businesses Technology can make or break a business. Everything is great when you increase your productivity, but one major hardware failure can lose your company thousands of dollars.

With computer support, you can enjoy the advantages of technology and minimize the risks. Here are four things outsourced computer support for businesses can offer you:

On-demand support

The real problem with technology is that you never know when it’s going to fail. It seems like problems only occur when you least expect it.

With on-demand support, this isn’t a big deal. If your computer won’t start or your network is down, you just have to contact support. They’ll take care of the rest.


Outsourced computer support is beneficial because you don’t have to pay for a full-time IT staff. When you outsource your support, you only pay for the services you need. It’s an ideal solution for small businesses that use technology but can’t afford an IT team in their budget.

Virus protection and network security

Protecting your computers from viruses and your network from hackers is an important part of outsourced computer support. If you don’t do anything to secure your technology, then you’ll be an easy target for hackers. The best way to stop these things is to prevent them from ever happening.

Back up and save your data

Your business relies more on data than you might think. If you were to lose that data because of a hard drive failure, it would be catastrophic to your business operations. With outsourced computer support, you can back up your data so it’s safe in the case of a disaster.

Any company that uses technology needs some kind of support. Businesses with tight budgets should consider outsourcing their computer support to save money and protect their investments in technology.

To talk more about outsourced computer support for businesses, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

The Four Myths About IT Support

the four myths about it support

Let’s take a moment and dispel some of the misinformation surrounding IT support ae-itsupport . Here are four myths that you can now discount.

IT support is too expensive and your small business can’t afford it

This is one we hear all the time. This is really more of a worry than it is a thought since it doesn’t make too much sense. Overall, there are two reasons why you can afford IT support. The first is that the service itself is cost-effective. It’s not going to be your biggest expense and the monthly bill is predictable. The second reason is that it lets you concentrate more on your business. Our economy is based off of people specializing in what they do best. Let IT professionals take care of your network and focus on your clients and products.

In-house support is better than outsourced support

While it’s certainly more expensive, in-house support is not always necessarily better than outsourced support. Ask yourself what kind of IT support you need in the first place. If it’s just normal everyday stuff, then outsourcing IT support will be just fine. If you’re asking why businesses would choose to outsource support instead, take another look at the first myth.

Businesses don’t need IT support

If your business only has one laptop, a printer, and a basic wireless network, then you probably don’t need IT support. But once you start adding more devices, you have to start thinking seriously about network security. Plus, there are a bunch of other services like cloud computing and VoIP. Your business needs IT support the same way you need Internet access.

IT support teams don’t listen to businesses

We’ve all brought our car to a mechanic only to be ignored when we suggest what could be wrong. We drive the same car every day, so they should probably hear what we have to say. We keep this same mentality when working with businesses. Whether you have a problem with your data or you need advice about which IP phone to buy, we’ll listen to you before making a decision.

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Start Your Relationship with Outsourced IT New York

start your relationship with outsourced it new york

Outsourced IT New York

For years, small to medium sized businesses thought of IT management as something that only large corporations needed. However, increasingly, smaller companies are starting to realize why professional IT management is something that every business needs. In fact, in today’s technological climate, you could suffer great financial losses if you go without IT management.

Modern Business Needs IT for Communication

If your business is like most, it is more than just a few desktop computers in an office. You likely have several printers, faxes and other devices. In addition, many of your staff members use laptops, tablets and smartphones to do their work; or just to complete small tasks. It is important for all of these devices to communicate. In addition, many businesses are taking file storage; customer service management and other tasks like HR managment to the cloud. When you have a New York outsourced IT company monitor every part of your networking, (from your hardware to the cloud), this also helps to improve productivity for your workers and increase network security.

Modern Business Needs IT to Avoid Downtime

Most mechanical things do have an issue or two from time to time. However, most would consider it a nightmare to have seven computers down at a small outdoor clothing catalog office for three hours on a Saturday afternoon. You can lose a great deal of sales when you experience even just 30 minutes to one hour of business down time.

In addition, why just call in one IT guy every time something goes wrong? Why opt for a temporary fix for a possibly larger problem?

Lastly, backup is essential. A good IT department will help you to select the right sized backup for your business. An out of the box solution might not be the most secure for your business model; or the simplest one for your staff to use.

More Affordable Than You Think

One of the main things that keeps small to medium sized businesses from hiring an outsourced IT staff is that owners and managers are worried about cost. However, AE Technology Group offers 24/7 monitoring at a monthly flat rate that you agree to up front. There are no additional fees. In addition, it’s much cheaper to pay for preventive maintenance than it is to pay for data recovery. In some instances, you might not even be able to recover your lost data; so the cost of that is often immeasurable. Contact us to learn more!