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Computer Tip of the Day: Get Away From the Screen

computer tip

Spending too much time on a computer becomes counterproductive. Instead of getting more work done, you’re more likely to burn out physically and mentally. Knowing how and why you should take breaks is especially important for office workers who rely on computers daily. Businesses should remind and encourage their employees to take frequent breaks. Give your eyes a break  Looking

How to Create a Password to Protect Your Computer

how to protect your computer

A password is a word or string of characters you use for user authentication. You must know it in order to prove your identity or gain approval to access an account. A hacker is a person who illegally gets access to a computer system and tampers with the information. Tips on how to protect your computer from hackers are below. Do

How to Type Faster on the Computer

how to type faster on computer

Doing something for years doesn’t guarantee that you’re doing it correctly. This is the case for several people who have never had formal typing training. Here’s how you can type faster on the computer Improve your finger placement Finger placement is the most important factor when it comes to typing. Some users still don’t know what keys their fingers should be on

Keyboard Shortcuts: New folder, New Files, New Window

keyboard shortcut to create new folder

When you find yourself doing a certain repetitive task on your computer, look for a keyboard shortcut to increase your productivity.  Whether you’re running Windows or Mac iOS, there are keyboard shortcuts to perform a variety of tasks including creating new files, creating a new folder, and opening a new window in an existing program.  Here’s how: New File When

How to Backup Your Computer

The backup key in blue.

Imagine this scenario. Your business is thriving. Just a month ago you hired two more employees, and you are considering expanding further. Your office is filled with employees hard at work on customer’s orders. You smile with satisfaction. Everything is going great. Fast forward to tomorrow and your entire business is in shambles. Your computer system has went down so all of

Best Options to Transfer Files From One Computer to Another

Transferring files from a laptop to a desktop PC.

Transferring files from one computer to another has become a necessary and commonplace task. Moving data between devices is as common as passing a printed paper to a fellow worker. In the early days of computing file transfers involved long and complicated processes. Today, most transfer methods are relatively simple. Indeed, choosing the best way to transfer files may be

A Scam-Free Guide on How to Increase Your Computer Speed

If you’ve ever owned a laptop or desktop computer older than a couple years, you have first-hand experience with slowing machines. Computers tend to gradually slow down, so some owners may not even realize how slow their computer is in comparison to its first day of use. If it’s now clicking that your computer is taking longer to start up

How to Rebuild a Computer (Yes, You Can Do It!)

Man removing the side of a home PC computer

Whether your PC has finally given up the ghost or you simply want to upgrade your components, the time to rebuild your computer has come. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as daunting as it seems. With a little patience and forethought, you’ll soon be beaming with pride at your state-of-the-art computing machine. First of all, unless you aim to replace all of

How to Recycle Your Technology?

We love our computers and electronics. That is, until they stop working. Then these computers and their peripherals, from printers to monitors, not to mention your handhelds, batteries, and accessories, often become digital garbage. These things aren’t made to last after all. (No computer or phone maker is going to mind if you buy an upgrade every year or two.)

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