Cloud Network Migration is the Wave of the Future


Having all of your personal, or business files on your computers hard drive takes up a lot of space. Most people run out of their computers hard drive space eventually. One option is to set up your own network, but that is difficult and time consuming. Migrating your files to a secure cloud based service is the wave of the future. When you take part in cloud network migration, you’re

Migrating to a Cloud Network: 10 Reasons to Go Paperless

Managing a business looks much different now than it did a decade ago. As the world becomes increasingly more digital every day, businesses must adapt in order to stay relevant to its employees and customers. One way to leverage the potential of technology is to migrate your business to a cloud network. This is a dramatic shift away from how business used to be done, but its benefits are many.

Business in New York 3 Considerations to Make Before a Cloud Network Migration

cloud computing business migration

Cloud network migration for most organizations is part of the future IT roadmap. Though cloud migrations sometimes remain stalled due to concerns over security as well as maintaining total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), the next few years will see an inordinate growth in the amount of data center traffic coming exclusively from cloud services. When cloud network migrations are part of a company’s march into

In the news: Long Island, New York Food Distributor Praises AE Technology Group for Network Cloud Migration in Case Study by CAPSYS Technologies, LLC

Food Authority thanks local managed IT and cloud solutions provider in Rockville Centre, New York for moving their IT network to the cloud. AE Technology Group’s utilization of CAPSYS Technologies‘ Cloud Services kept Food Authority operational during and after the Hurricane Sandy disaster. Read press release: