How and Why You Should Defrag Your Company’s Computers

There are a few things you can do to keep your business computers fast and responsive. In this blog we’ll go over how to defrag your computer. First, you need to understand why defragmentation is necessary. It’s different from clearing up your hard drive to prevent lagging. A recent Lifehacker article goes over fragmentation and defragmentation and puts them in simple terms: “When your computer writes data to your drive,

Microsoft Sharepoint Online and the ‘5 Pillars of SharePoint Governance’


At first glance, the joy of owning Microsoft Sharepoint online may be a bit overwhelming due to its vast array of features, particularly in the absence of an overall implementation plan. Often, SharePoint’s is seen in a “singular” context to provide more efficient—and secure— document management and collaborative integration throughout the organization. Often overlooked, are the software’s other capabilities, such its ease in developing and maintaining the company’s Intranet; too, select vendors can be

Cloud Network Migration is the Wave of the Future


Having all of your personal, or business files on your computers hard drive takes up a lot of space. Most people run out of their computers hard drive space eventually. One option is to set up your own network, but that is difficult and time consuming. Migrating your files to a secure cloud based service is the wave of the future. When you take part in cloud network migration, you’re

Disaster Prevention: How Can the Cloud Prevent an IT Disaster?

If you or someone you know has a small or medium sized business (SMB) that was affected by recent natural disasters then there was probably a period of time that the business was inoperable; without power, internet access, or a combination of the two. AE Technology Group has developed new creative, cost-effective solutions to ensure that even if you have no electricity or internet on location, files and software can

How can the cloud help my business to be more successful?

AE Technology Group can help you transform your desktop into an on-demand service that can be accessed by any user, on any device, anywhere, with simplicity and scalability. Whether workers are using the latest tablets, smartphones, or laptops, AE Technology Group can quickly and securely deliver virtual desktops and applications that will enable them to work smarter. Reasons to Consider Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting, and Cloud Servers: No infrastructure On-demand